Eyes and Ageing

Eyes and Ageing

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As one of today’s “older adults” you probably enjoy a more active lifestyle than people of your age ever have before and your eyes and vision play a major role in your lifestyle. You use your eyes while driving; enjoying recreational activities; reading; watching television; and performing many tasks that keep you living independently and productively.

But, as you mature, you may begin noticing subtle changes in your vision. Although they may cause some concern, some vision changes are normal and only a few conditions are sight threatening.

Here are some suggestions to help you understand your age-related vision limitations and compensate for them:

  • You will probably need more light for reading and other close tasks. Move a lamp closer to you or use a stronger wattage bulb.
  • When taking medication, be sure to read the label carefully and follow directions. Take your medication in a well-lit room to avoid confusing or mixing up medications.
  • Side vision and reaction time may reduce with age, so keep this in mind while you are driving or walking near traffic.
  • Limit night driving to well lighted roads; keep headlights and windshields clean; and be sure to keep your spectacles clean.

Age-related vision changes can’t be prevented, but they need not mean you must give up activities like driving or reading. By practicing good general health habits and having regular optometric eye examinations, you should be able to continue enjoying an active, productive and independent life.