• Ferreira, Kennedy and Zwarts at the Pretoria Eye Institute offers you personal attention from experienced eye care professionals.
  • 45 minutes or more per session enables in-depth eye consultations
  • Specialist spectacle and contact lens prescriptions especially for unique cases and first-timers
  • Our onsite lab means we deliver faster
  • And, we promise not to rush you when you’re selecting the most flattering frame.
  • Our clients benefit from our close working relationships with other clinical professionals at the Pretoria Eye Institute.


About us


Situated within the Pretoria Eye Institute, our practice has over the years gained expertise in dealing with clinically challenging eye cases and the unique needs of children.

We work as a team, drawing on our collective experience and discussing each unique case in order to arrive at the best possible solution for each patient. We are particularly experienced in dealing with Post Corneal Graft cases and Advanced Keratoconus.

Contact us

Tel: 012 343 2431 | Fax: 012 343 2412

email: info@fkzoptometrists.co.za

Address: Pretoria Eye Institute, 630 Francis Baard St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0007